Sunday, April 07, 2013

Lao Yu Sheng with Uni peeps!

Lao Yu Sheng with my uni mates long long ago in February, @ Clementi's Ramn Ten(?) IMG_5247

Looks like i'm having a laughing fit but okay la post cuz FL guoting looks very dreamy here hahaha in your own world ah guoting!!!
Guoting, Imran//Mr Iron, and meh! While the rest are prepping the yu sheng!
Let's take a group photo before it gets messy haha!
We have Wen Shao, Nadiah, Guo Ting, Imran and me in the middle on the left!
Wawa, Caroline, Chloe and Zenia on the right!
Eat ALL the crackers!
Cute caro and kua zhang chloe at the side (Forever~ hahahah)
nad nad
Nad and me! Cuz she looks very pretty that day with her classic tudung hahahaha!
mayo fries
The Bombz. My tuesdays with Guoting hahahha we headed to Np for some good and cheap food and found this! So yummy!
And here's me with my FL guoting, Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhh for everything like listen to me talk about everything and anything plus always recommending me good and cheap stuff, encouraging me etc etc! I will miss you when school end T.T remember we need to meet and eat cheap and good food together okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's all folks.

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